Progressive Lenses vs Bifocals

progressive lenses vs bifocals

You just visited your optometrist and they’ve recommended progressive lenses or bifocals for you. As people age, they may find their vision begins to change as the natural lens in their eye hardens, making it less flexible. This is called presbyopia and occurs most commonly in those over the age of 40, meaning single vision lenses no longer work to fully correct your vision.

Most find they struggle with near vision tasks like reading and have to bring their phones or lean closer to read print. This is where bifocals or progressive eyeglass lenses come in handy but can also leave glasses wearers wondering which one is the right choice for their vision needs.

That’s why we’ve come up with a helpful guide to make understanding progressive lenses vs bifocals easier.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses combine two different prescriptions for optimal viewing. The upper part of the lens is used for distancing and the bottom part of the lens is used for near vision tasks like reading.

Bifocal lenses traditionally have a distinctive line to separate the distance and near vision sections, which can deter people from wearing them. Saying that, a lot of bifocals today no longer have a much more subtle line to distinguish the two areas across the middle, giving patients a clear and more youthful-looking pair of glasses.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses provide a wider field of view than bifocals without any visible lines on the lenses. The upper part of a progressive lens helps with your distance vision, seamlessly transitioning to the middle of the lens, which helps with intermediate vision, while the lower section of the lens helps with seeing things close up.

This gradual transition between vision zones makes it easy for your eyes to adapt to all kinds of different activities.

Which type of lens is right for my vision?

Before you order eyeglasses online, it’s important to understand what your optometrist has recommended for your vision and ensure they have given you the prescription for it so you can choose the right lenses.

Standard vs premium progressive lenses

We offer some of the best progressive lenses online that are both affordable and easy to wear.

  • Standard progressive lenses offer a soft, wide field of vision with comfortable near visual field and are ideal for first time progressive glasses wearers.
  • Premium progressive lenses are great for either first-time or experienced wearers, providing a personalized design that offers a wider field of vision, larger reading area and greater comfort for all daily tasks.

Both of these options include anti reflective and anti-scratch coatings too.

Bifocal D28 vs Bifocal D35

Glasses wearers will love the easy adaptability and comfort of our bifocal lens options.

  • Bifocal D28 lenses have two defined areas for distance and reading. They are a great option for everyday wear as they provide a smooth transition between viewing fields and are the most popular bifocal option.
  • Bifocal D35 lenses provide a winder reading portion, giving the comfort and responsiveness wearers need if they carry out a lot of close up work or reading, making them ideal for computer work in the office.

Again, both of these options include anti reflective and anti-scratch coatings.

Why should I choose progressives or bifocals?

Progressives and bifocal lenses will instantly improve your vision by addressing your unique vision needs. Choosing to wear progressive and bifocals also reduces the number of pairs of glasses you need to own. This will not only save you money but make it easier to keep track of your glasses!

Order progressive or bifocal lenses online

Ordering progressive glasses online is a great option for patients who want to enjoy the latest frame designs with advanced lens technology that accurately and conveniently addresses their vision needs. They are also more affordable than many options from in-store eyecare provider.

Before you order progressive glasses or bifocal glasses online, here are a few tips to ensure your order is accurate.

  • Choose the right type of lens for your vision concerns. This will ensure you experience the best clarity and adaptability.
  • Check the prescription and measurements for your eyes. When entering your prescription information, double-check the values to ensure accuracy. Follow our easy step-by-step guide to make sure you are entering the measurements correctly.
  • Try before you buy. Use the try-on feature to make sure the glasses you choose will suit your face. Frames that are too big may distort how you see through your lenses. Choose a frame that sits on your face correctly.

Browse our frames and lenses

Ready to start seeing the world in a brand new way? Add progressive or bifocal lenses to one of our stylish frames, or add them to your existing frames through our lens replacement service.

Have a question about your prescription or aren’t sure which type of lens is right for you? Contact our client assistance line at 1-888-501-5011, email us on: or fill out our contact form

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