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Sunglasses for Men

Costa 6S9050

$231.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9054

$213.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S2003

$262.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9058

$202.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S4006

$245.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9078

$284.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S6009

$256.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9079

$284.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9006

$213.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9106

$284.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9007

$213.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9109

$284.00 Incl. Lenses

If you’re looking for sunglasses for men at affordable prices you’ve come to the right place. We can offer veterans, family members, and active personnel a great price on designer sunglasses for men. We have a wide range of sunglasses, from classic Ray-Ban aviators to more traditional designs and contemporary styles from the popular Rio Ray brand.

Whether you’re looking for sunglasses that are functional and high-quality to protect your eyes, or the perfect style to complete your look, we have something for you. All of our designer frames can be fitted with sunglasses lenses so the choice is yours. Every pair offers 100% UV400 protection along with anti-reflection, scratch-resistant, and smudge-resistant coating. Or you can choose to optimize your sunglasses with our extra thin and light lenses, polarization, and Crizal Advancé for the best protection from the sun’s rays.