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Aura Glasses

Aura 3002

$69.00 Incl. Lenses

Aura 3001

$69.00 Incl. Lenses

Aura 3000

$69.00 Incl. Lenses

Aura 1776

$69.00 Incl. Lenses

Aura 1772

$69.00 Incl. Lenses

Aura 1761

$69.00 Incl. Lenses

Aura 1758

$69.00 Incl. Lenses

Aura 1729

$69.00 Incl. Lenses

Aura 1702

$69.00 Incl. Lenses

Aura Au 1704

$99.00 Incl. Lenses

Show your irresistible and one-of-a-kind aura with the beauty of Aura glasses. These distinctive and vibrant plastic frames exude confidence, charm, and class, offering stylish metal detailing to complete the ‘Aura’ look. They’re designed for both men and women who want to show the world their personality as well as how much they love wearing their glasses. With Aura glasses frames, it’s never been easier to buy a pair of fashionable frames without breaking the bank or compromising on your individual style preferences.

We believe that your aura is unique, which means your glasses should be too. So, don’t be afraid to let yours shine through with Aura eyewear! Browse this amazing frame range from the comfort of your own home – before you know it, the perfect pair of frames could be yours today thank to Aura.