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Costa 6S9017

$262.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9018

$273.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9023

$284.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9040

$213.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9049

$126.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9050

$231.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9051

$191.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S2003

$262.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9054

$213.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S4006

$245.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S9058

$202.00 Incl. Lenses

Costa 6S6009

$256.00 Incl. Lenses

As a veteran, you’ll be well aware of how important a good pair of sunglasses is. Your eyes need protection from the sun’s harmful rays in order to avoid long-lasting damage. But it’s not all about protection – you want to look good, too. That’s why we have a great range of discount designer sunglasses available for you.

Choose from Rio Ray or Ray-Ban designer sunglasses, or if you prefer we can fit any of our designer frames with sunglasses lenses. Choose from dark tint, mirror polarised, or premium polarised for the best protection from the sun’s glare.

We make it easy for you to find the perfect pair of prescription glasses online with our virtual try-on. See how each pair looks on, pick your favorite, enter your prescription, and place your order.