Prescription Sunglasses – The Summer Hack You Need!

Prescription Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses is the first line of defense in protecting your eyes against the sun’s harmful UV rays. So, if you require a prescription to see better, it’s a good idea to get a pair of prescription sunglasses too.

Ordering prescription sunglasses online has never been easier and we are here to help you ensure you are getting the right one for you, with the most popular styles and latest lens technology available to offer you the best sun protection.

So, how do you know which kind of prescription sunglasses to choose? Let us answer all your questions by checking out our helpful summer hacks to make sure you are getting the right sun protection for your eyes.

What Kind of Frame and Lens Options are Available?

The number of frame and lens options has grown significantly over the years and sun protection technology continues to improve. Lenses are now designed to suit all lifestyles and activities from golf to hiking.

When choosing the right frame, it is important to find a style that is comfortable and fits you properly, giving you full coverage from the sun’s intense rays.

Lenses for prescription sunglasses should suit your activity level and visual needs. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you may want a polarized prescription sunglass lens that helps protect against glare too. If you spend a lot of time in dusty, windy environments, or on the beach, we recommend choosing polarized lenses with our Crizal Avancé UV coating that repels dust and water, is smudge and scratch resistant, and offers glare protection.

Should I Upgrade My Prescription in My Existing Sunglasses?

Yes! If your prescription has changed in your day-to-day glasses, then it is important to also add an updated prescription to your sunglasses. This will ensure you experience comfortable and clear vision during all activities. Remember to visit your eye care provider for regular checkups to ensure your vision hasn’t changed and your eye health remains in the best shape.

Aren’t Clip-Ons the Same as Prescription Sunglasses?

Clip-ons are a convenient way to add sun protection to your existing eyewear, however, they may not offer the level of clarity and convenience that prescription sunglasses can provide. A pair of prescription sunglasses will ensure you maintain clear vision and have full coverage from the sun no matter what you are doing. If you do like your existing pair of glasses frames                                                   and want to put sunglass lenses in them instead, you can also do that on our website with our easy to use lens replacement service.                               

Does My Type of Vision Affect My Need for Prescription Sunglasses?

Your eye care provider will be able to explain your current vision correction needs to you. If you have a condition called myopia, more commonly known as nearsightedness, you may have difficulty seeing things in the distance. If you have hyperopia, or farsightedness, you will have difficult in focussing on near objects and close up tasks, like reading or using a PC.

If you have presbyopia, which is most common in people aged over 40, you will have trouble with your near and distance vision, so you may need progressive prescription sunglasses.

Improve The Look of Your Sunglasses

You may already be using prescription sunglasses to help you enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Did you know there are great style options to choose from such as mirrored polarized lenses, tinted lenses, and even Transitions lenses in different colors? These choices not only look great but offer advanced sun protection.

Can I Wear Prescription Sunglasses if I Wear Contacts?

A pair of prescription sunglasses not only offer you comfortable vision correction but allows you to take a break from wearing contact lenses, so you can get more oxygen to your eyes. Simply remove your contacts and put on a pair of prescription sunglasses before heading outside!

Buy Prescription Sunglasses Online

Are you ready to make the switch to prescription sunglasses? Check out the great selection of frame and lens options on our website! We offer all your favorite brands, including Rio Ray, Tom Ford, Kate Spade, Nike Vision, and Ray-Ban.

Not sure which prescription sunglasses are right for you? Contact our expert lab technicians who can provide you friendly and professional advice at 888-501-5011, email or by filling out our contact form

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