Introducing Our New Glasses Lens Replacement Service!

Introducing Our New Glasses Lens Replacement Service

Are you happy with your glasses frames, but…

You’ve broken your lenses?

You need a new prescription?

You want to upgrade your lenses?

If you break your glasses or need to update them, you don’t always need to get new frames. Sometimes your lenses break but the frames escape unharmed, or you need new lenses but you’re happy with your existing frames.

With our new reglazing service, you can get new lenses for your glasses and keep your existing frames, making updating your glasses simple, and hassle-free.

Why Reglaze?

In many situations, reglazing is the smart option:

  • reglazing is great for your wallet – it’s cheaper to just replace the lenses than buy new glasses
  • it’s quicker – choosing the right frames and having the glasses made up can take time
  • it’s an easy way to give your glasses a new lease of life with the latest lens technology
  • it means that you don’t need to change your favorite frames just because you’re changing lenses.

The Latest Technology, Available To You

Our lenses are manufactured and supplied by Superior Optical Lab.

Superior Optical Lab was founded in 1990 by industry expert Jon Jacob and Service Disabled Veteran Hal Walker. Over the years the company has amassed an impressive list of awards, including the Varilux Lab of the Year and Vision Monday Top 25 Independent Labs.

With our current CEO Derek Bodart also being a Disabled Service Veteran, we remain committed to providing the latest lens technology to US Army veterans, active service personnel and their families.

Superior Optical Lab is one of the only labs in the US that offers lenses from almost every major lens supplier, including Essilor, Varilux, Kodak, Hoya, Younger, VISION EASE, and more.

Cutting Edge Lens Materials

Our lenses use cutting edge materials, so you get the best possible product – including Trivex, CR39 polycarbonate, and high index (1.60, 1.67, and 1.74) plastic.

Trivex lenses are extremely safe and impact resistant. They’re also exceptionally lightweight and clear. Crystal clear, lightweight and heavy duty – a combination that makes them some of the most comfortable lenses for all-day wear.

The CR39 polycarbonate lens was first invented in 1947 by the Armorlite Lens Company in California, and is so reliable that it’s still one of the most popular lens materials to this day. CR39 polycarbonate is 50% lighter than traditional glass and offers great value for money.

High index plastic lenses are even lighter and thinner than CR39 polycarbonate lenses, making them a great choice if you’ll be wearing your glasses all day and want a lightweight feel to them, or don’t want them to look too heavy. This makes high index lenses especially suitable to those of you who have higher glasses prescriptions.

Upgrade with a New Coating

Perhaps the way you use your glasses has changed?

Whether you need to use them in bright light, when driving at night or in any other situation that demands more from your glasses, Superior Optical Lab has a state-of-the-art Crizal processing centre that can create lenses with innovative coatings.

Crizal lenses use a cutting-edge manufacturing process that brings together multiple technologies into one lens. They’re scratch resistant on both sides, tough, and eliminate glare. They also use hydrophobic technology to repel water drops, giving clear vision in all weathers and making cleaning easy.

The Crizal Avancé UV lenses include all of the benefits of standard Crizal lenses with superior scratch resistance. Crizal Prevencia lenses include blue-light filtering technology, protecting you from the potentially harmful effects of being exposed to excessive blue light from digital devices and screens.

The lab also manufactures Exilar and Exilar Plus no-glare lenses. They are of exceptional quality with many of the same benefits of Crizal lenses, but with a more value-oriented price tag.

What’s The Cost for New Lenses for Your Glasses?

A big part of the cost of new glasses is in the frames, so just getting new lenses is very cost effective.

We offer new lenses for glasses – with or without a prescription – from just $30 for full frame glasses, and $40 for half-rim glasses. This means you can give your glasses a new lease of life for less than the price of a meal out!

Choose From a Range Of Tints and Styles

We offer a wide range of lens types, so you’ll be able to easily find something that suits your needs quickly for your convenience.

Choose from:

  • single vision lenses, if you wear calvin klein glasses for particular activities or you have a specific prescription
  • progressive lenses, so you can enjoy great vision at different distances
  • different tints, to help soften harsh light and filter out harmful rays, such as UV and blue light
  • sunglasses lenses, so you don’t have to compromise your vision when you want to wear shades
  • polarized lenses for sunglasses to eliminate glare and enjoy enhanced vision in the sun

How And Where To Buy Lenses For Glasses?

We’ve designed our lens replacement service to be simple, fast and hassle-free.

All you have to do to get started is and enter your prescription. We’ll send you a prepaid box in the mail, and you return your glasses to us in the box. We’ll replace your lenses for you at our lab and send them straight back to you. You’ll get your refreshed, cutting-edge lenses in your favorite frames back in your mailbox. Simple!

If you’re a veteran or active service personnel of the US Army and you need new lenses, we’d be honored to help you. Be sure to check out our new reglazing service today!

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