Anti-Glare Glasses – Worth It?

Anti-Glare Glasses

As a veteran or active military personnel, you’ve looked adversity in the eye and seen true bravery in the line of duty. Whenever you’re back on home ground or not out on the field, we want to help you see the world with the best vision possible. That’s where anti reflective glasses can help.

So, what are anti-glare glasses and are they worth it?

Also known as anti-reflective, these glasses lenses have a unique coating that eliminates light reflecting off their front and back surfaces. In the past, these coatings were easily scratched or worn off. Today, advances in eyewear technology mean anti-reflective coatings are thoroughly fused onto the lenses, for a durable final finish.

But why is preventing light from reflecting off your glasses so important and what benefits does it offer you in your everyday life?

Better Vision

Standard lenses reflect about 8% of the light that is trying to pass through into your eyes, so only 92% makes it through. That may sound like enough but in low-light conditions, for example, if you’re driving around dusk or dawn, it can make a big difference. If you’ve got a strong glasses prescription, the percentage of light that is reflected gets even higher, rising to about 12%.

The reflections themselves are also distracting. So now you’re dealing with less light getting into your eyes and reflected light disrupting your vision.

Better Vision with Anti-Glare Glasses

Getting an anti reflective coating for glasses cuts out those reflections and lets 99.5% of light pass through into your eyes. That means clearer, sharper vision, less strain on your eyes, and a more relaxing and comfortable visual experience. These are the very reasons we offer a free standard anti-reflective coating on all of our lenses.

Even More Benefits

Clearer, sharper vision isn’t the only benefit of anti glare glasses, though it’s certainly our top priority when providing high-quality aura glasses to you and your family. They also offer 3 extra key benefits:

1) They Make Cleaning Your Glasses Easier

Most anti-reflective coatings repel dust, water, and/or oil. So, whether you’re facing dry, dusty summers or damp, rainy days, you won’t need to constantly clean your lenses to enjoy clear vision.

2) They Make You Look Good

Glasses aren’t just about function, they’re also about fashion, which is why we stock a range of leading brands. When you’re wearing frames that perfectly compliment your features, your lenses shouldn’t let you down with reflections from glare so bright and distracting, that people can’t see your eyes or appreciate your style.

Anti-glare lenses give a natural look, so people can look directly at your eyes when speaking to you and feel a real connection. These lenses are also great for capturing those special moments in photos, so when you look back, you’ll see yourself smiling with your eyes, instead of being obscured by glare.

3) They Protect Your Vision and Eye Health

Less glare ensures clearer vision, but it also ensures more comfort. With an anti-reflective coating, your eyes won’t have to work so hard to see clearly and that means you’ll be less likely to experience eye strain. This is especially important if you’re staring at a computer screen for long periods of time or doing a lot of night driving.

Annisa ICA 2hrKrytSI1Q Unsplash

Anti-reflective coatings also often incorporate anti-UV properties. This protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause cumulative damage over the years. The more your eyes are exposed, the greater your risk of developing a variety of different eye conditions later on in life, including age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

What are the best anti-glare glasses, though?

Comprehensive Glare Reduction with Crizal® Glasses

Crizal AR Coating

At Specs for Vets, we pride ourselves on providing veterans, active military, and their families with affordable glasses online. That doesn’t mean we cut back on quality, though. You’ve given this country your best and that’s what we want to give you too, so when it comes to choosing premium anti reflective lenses, we offer leading lens manufacturer Essilor’s Crizal Avancé UV ™.

Crizal ® glasses lenses:

  • are built using superior anti-glare technology
  • offer 100% UV protection and even have the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation
  • are smudge, dust, and water-resistant
  • have an advanced scratch-resistant coating to protect your lenses from daily wear and tear
  • are specifically adapted to match the demands of your lifestyle, whether that’s night driving, computer use, or outdoor activities.

Enjoy Superior Vision

We whole-heartedly believe that you deserve superior vision. The least we can do is help you get there with high-quality Nike Eyeglass Frames at affordable prices. All of our standard single vision lenses, inclusive of our standard anti-glare coating, are provided with no additional charge when you purchase any of our frames.

We want to make sure as many of our valued veterans and active military get to benefit from our exceptional but affordable eyewear services as possible, which is why we also ship nationwide.

Say goodbye to glare and hello to clearer vision when you buy anti-glare glasses from Specs for Vets. Browse our collection and take your pick of anti glare eyeglasses today.

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